Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Northfield Farm Meadows

Sheena went back down to Devon this morning. It's her month for caring duty. We're booked in with 'Oxford Cruisers' for a flue replacement and BSS examination, so I'm pottering about on the reaches above Oxford, until I get the phonecall.

Phew...Made it to Godstow lock without running aground. It's a beautiful stretch of water, with horses and cattle roaming freely on the meadows. But, ever since I read that a cow can walk across it in the summer, it's a relief to get to the other side safely. I saw an egret wading around in the mud, on the way up.

Made the most of an opportunity to carry out some impromptu hull maintainence, at the East street mornings ~ Oxford. Great place for a food delivery. Though it was completely full with boats by 11am most mornings.


  1. A month gone already? Does that mean we are going to miss Sheena again!!

    Need to change shifts Sheena! :)

  2. I know, it goes far too quickly. We travel as much as we can, but before we know it, she has to go back again. Hopefully, see you on your way up. *waves*