Saturday, 31 August 2013

Rushey Lock

LOL. Got enough space there?

Duxford Farm, last night. King Alfred was here (Chimney meadows), signing a peace treaty, many many years ago.

The last surviving trees on the Bryant & May estate. The rest were turned into matchsticks. Some of these bends have become silted up and *really* shallow. Though, thankfully, I didn't run aground.

Tadpole Bridge, allegedly the oldest on the thames. I did not ram it. On the other side, the fine weather and the weekend had brought out the maggot starers in large numbers (fishermen). Their hobby doesn't appear to make them very happy, because they are always scowling at boats when they go past.

This pair of idiots had plonked themselves right in the middle of the Rushey lock moorings. They could see I was struggling to get alongside, because the wind kept blowing me off. Their sunbathing was more important than helping me. So I left the engine running for a couple of hours. Ha!

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