Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Swinford Meadows

I'm still waiting for Oxford Cruisers to get back to us, so we can get our BSC examination done. Bit of a drag having to just hang around, but the bank holiday weekend was ridiculously busy with boats going upstream. So, in a way, I was grateful not to have to jostle with them for mooring space. When the shiny boats pile out of their marinas there aren't enough 24 hour spots to go around. And the little GRP cruisers just plonk themselves in the middle of popular mooring places, so they don't have to share with anyone else. There hasn't been much boater cameraderie on display.

Here I am, nestled in amongst all the other overstayers. I decided to oik the batteries out for an inspection, and was alarmed to see that their fluid level was quite low. An inch of the lead plates sticking up out of the water. Eek! I hope I haven't boiled them dry. Topped up with distilled water, and am hoping for the best.

Four letters missing.

I've had no internet reception for a week. Didn't miss it that much, and I got through several good books that I had queued up. The walks for Sumo were enjoyable, though. And he got to help himself to blackberry bushes, which he always loves.

Relaxation factor = 8.5

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