Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Too hot to blog


We've been short hopping our way slowly up the river. Bourne End to Henley. Henley to Shiplake. Shiplake to Reading. Reading to Beale Park.. to Wallingford, where we are tucked up under the welcome shade of some trees. The river is ridiculously busy at weekends. When everyone piles out of their marinas at once, there aren't enough moorings to go around. The lock landings are often so full with boats, that you have to hover about in midstream. thankfully, there hasn't been any current or wind to complicate things. We are hoping to get up beyond Osney bridge soon, where we will leave the large doubledecker boats behind.

Beale Park, this morning.

Look who's back on the boat..

Boaters are no longer welcome at Sonning. No rings. No bollards. Shame. It was a popular spot for a picnic, and hireboats often did an overnight there, because it's quiet and more rural than Reading. A familiar tale. Man buys house next to river, and decides he does not like looking at boats. The forest (once a habitat for barn Owls), has been decimated too. I found it quite sad. Though I expect the wealthy residents are delighted.


  1. Have you thought about anchoring rather than mooring. It gets up their noses. I do this at the bottom of the Wigan Flight. Citybank own the wharf, there is no mooring, but they send a security guard to watch us over night. ;-)

  2. The local boaters we've spoken to have all said they are going to do that. Some with "we love uri Geller" t-shirts depicting his face. :).