Saturday, 13 July 2013

Shady Spot

We've been baked for the last few days, so I set off at 9am this morning, in search of some much needed shade...

It took him 40 minutes to hoover the entire island. He found a butter and garlic coated minispud, a slice of tomato and the end of a cucumber.

My man cave. A good book, some Cornish pasties, a few river cooled drinks, and a very relaxed Sumo. A lovely spot for the two of us to avoid the afternoon heat. The only thing missing, was my wife.

At Cookham lock, an irate fat bloke on the top deck of a double decker GRP cruiser yelled at me for "Loitering on the waterpoint". I'd just filled the boat up, and was hemmed in by scullers. What did he expect? Too much sun on his bald head, I presume. I didn't rise to it. And I made it safely into the lock chamber, without squashing any of them. Despite two of their boats being sandwiched down in front of me, where I couldn't see them. The lock keeper thanked me for my caution.

Found the only free shaded place for miles vacant. Lucky us! On the other side of the river, it was completely stuffed. Nice walks. But I know that it gets *really* hot over there in the afternoon.

arrggh.... my eyes.... my eyes...

Completely stuffed.

De-cluttered (almost), with new coat of antislip floor/deck paint (rubber aggregate premixed in). The roof was looking a bit tired and sad, after the almost incessant rain it had to endure last year. The paint cost £30 for 5 litres, which is much cheaper than the marine equivalent. Time will tell if it's tough enough. A shade lighter than we had before. But not overwhelmingly so. Needs another coat, but there's tons of it left in the tin. I managed not to fall in, kick the paint pot over, or otherwise get it all over myself. I'm quite chuffed. £30 for a new roof. Wehey! :)

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