Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Grey & Pizzly

What a distinct contrast to the sunshine of yesterday. I had to break out the wet weather gear, when it started raining at Bray lock. Nearly fell off the layby at Boulters Lock, when I was heaving the boat in with the center line, and it slipped off of the bollard. Thankfully the safety railing stopped me from plunging over the other side into the weirstream. Phew. a little bit hairy there. Still, it is all a part of the singlehanded challenge, I suppose.  I miss having Sheena there at the bow, pulling our nose in, out of harms way. Solo, I have to do quite a bit of heaving on that center line to compensate. Anyway, I will be more careful there next time. And wait for the rush to water from the lock gates to abate, before pulling against it. The lock keepers have all been friendly and helpful. So the cruise of today was plain sailing and enjoyable. Average speed 3.61mph. The river is hardly moving at all on these reaches.

Safely tucked up in the bushes of the Cliveden estate now. A nice comfortable spot for an overnight, and a great place for good dogwalking. Sumo was trying to clamber up the back steps before I'd even got the pins in. He definitely seemed to know where he was.

The starter motor? It only misfired once today. Which was a relief. The engine put out a fair bit of black smoke, when I had to 'floor it' (technical term) because I'd drifted out into the path of an oncoming jollyboat, while chatting to Les & Jaq on Nb Valerie. So it's time for an oil change too.

Mister is hassling me for another walk now. And, sadly, it is still raining out there. Classic British summer time.

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