Thursday, 4 July 2013

New Signs

Three new "Ranger Team" signs have appeared on the Cockmarsh side of the river. £10 a night is ridiculous.

Edit: I've edited this post, because although it's an issue I feel strongly about, I am not the best person to address it. Sue, from "No Problem" has sent a well worded letter of enquiry to the National Trust. And hopefully, she'll post up any response she gets on her blog.


  1. Actually they haven't replied yet. I must send them another email. Can you take a pic of the sign at the end that says the first 24hrs are free?

    Least I think that sign says that.. Doesn't it?

  2. Hi Sue. I don't think they say that anymore. They're all like the one photographed. But I will check them this afternoon.

    I had a word with the marina manager about the new signs. And sadly, he confirmed that there had been some boats 'wintering' down there. He also told me that the people across the river were "fed up with it", and had decided to do something about it.

    Whether or not it is official National Trust policy to "discourage" boaters, I can't confirm. But it would be nice to hear from them, what their position is.

  3. I've been pondering on what Peter (the marina manager) said this morning. Where boats have "wintered" has been underneath the railway bridge, which is owned by Network rail.
    They're normally small GRP boats that are moored up and abandoned until the season begins.

    Unfortunately, they are still visible from the blokes across the rivers houses.

    I personally haven't seen anyone "winter" on the Cockmarsh moorings, because of the submerged concrete. I presume somebody in a position of NT power, has been told there is a problem ON THE WHOLE STRETCH (down to Cookham).

    So the blokes have been given permission to "do something". Where there really isn't a problem.

  4. Well here is the response...

    Subject: Moorings at Bourne End Visitor Moorings, River Thames


    I had a visit today from one of your chaps. He informed me that mooring at Bourne End on the River Thames was free for 24 hours and then £10 a night.

    There are no signs to say that. Signs have been put up informing of mooring charges but they are frequently vandalised and removed.

    I have moored here over the weekend and have had a visit from the chap. We have two local based riverside volunteers who look after riverbank moorings, unregistered and unscrupulous boat owners use this area for commuting into London and Maidenhead and have been long term residents with no payments to the National Trust, boat rubbish is left on the riverbank which we have to collect, volunteers also engage with dog walkers and remove dog waste and general waste which is significant

    He lives in a house on the otherside of the river to where I am moored.

    £10 a night is the most expensive mooring on the Thames that I have seen. Henley on Regatta weekends charge £9 on their glorious parkland. Cockmarsh is a SSSI and is equal to Henley if not better as it is unspoilt Thames water meadow with a very unique pub.

    £10 a night is a disgrace by the NT for the mooring that was offered, please see the pictures here . All money collected from mooring fees will go to improving riverbank and footpath, we have absolutely no funding from any source for this area, we have just spent considerable amounts of money to make riverside footpath trees compliant.

    The chap seemed to be more bothered about who was mooring opposite his house see here . Locals are concerned about the amount of unregistered and illegal long term mooring, party boats are frequent and rubbish left on river bank

    Please inform me of your policy to moorings at Bourne End and why your charges are so high when you are not putting those payments back into improving the moorings . The policy is free mooring for 1 day and night or 24 hours then a charge of £ 10.00 per day.

    Many thanks


    The NT answers to my email are in italics

  5. Hi, we had a problem over using a mooring at the bottom of the Wigan flight. (the city bank building) So to make a point we used two 56 pound weights fore and aft and anchored up for the night. They sent a security fellow in a van to keep an eye on us. He was there all night. We gave him a cup of coffee and a bacon sandwich the next morning.

    Mick n Mags

  6. Thanks for posting the reply, Sue. That is pretty much what I expected they would say. It appears that the National Trust
    have been told tall tales of calamity and woe by 'people across the river', who obviously have a vested interest.

  7. Hi Mick & Mags.

    >>we used two 56 pound weights fore and aft.

    respect to you.