Monday, 15 July 2013


Slapped another coat of antislip paint on the roof last night. Looking better. This morning, I made my way back to Bourne End (without getting shouted at). So that I could take the anglegrinder to some unsightly rust bobbles I'd spotted, around a couple of windows.

I'm more of a Vespa and Lambretta man, myself. But, even I can appreciate the time, effort, and expense that went into making this bad boy..

While I was sanding the filler, and masking up our windows, I heard..."Badger Sandwiches?". "Excuse me?". "Badger Sandwiches, your blog!". Ahh.... I met Andy (Andy124?) and his daughter's six month old bundle of Black Labradorness, called "Seela". After reading boat blogs for a couple of years, Andy's recently come back over from the Isle of Man, and is now cruising down the Thames, through to London, on his own narrowboat. Congratulations! Nice to meet you, Andy and Seela. Apologies, but I can't remember your boat name...."Ves... ?". I should have written it down. I would have liked to have seen the river 20 years ago. I imagine it would have been much more laid back, and less uptight than it is now. I hope you find that some of the changes are for the better. Have a good journey.

Around 8.30pm, Mv "Golden Quay" came back, and pulled exactly the same stunt they did before. Mister "I don't like narrowboats" wasn't onboard (thankfully), and his partner asked nicely this time. So I consented to them mooring alongside us. Hopefully, the marina will be able to move them in the morning.

"How do you get to live on a boat fulltime?", she asked. "I am nearly 45, a teacher, and will probably be working for the next twenty to thirty years. Then, I will die!". I felt sorry for her. And didn't have the heart to say "Because that's what we wanted".


  1. AnonymousJuly 20, 2013

    It was great seeing you even if in passing the other day. Les is having some colon issues and needs further exams and treatment from his GP who is in Watford, so alas our Thames journey to Lechlade has been canceled and we have turned around and are heading back to Brentford and the G.U. Still I am glad we finally met and hopefully one day will get to meet Sheena in person as well. Take care mate,
    NB VAlerie

  2. Hi Jaq. Sorry to hear that. But Lechlade when still be there when the two of you are ready to see it. Health is more important. It was nice to meet you and Les too, and I hope our paths will cross again sometime in the future. Hope Les gets good news from his GP. Regards... Ken & Sheena & Sumo.