Thursday, 18 August 2011


Sunset at Old WindsorWe reluctantly left the luxurious surroundings of Shepperton and Lady Lindsay's Lawn behind us, and cruised ourselves up to Old Windsor in the pouring rain. But, when we got there, we were rewarded with a spectacular sunset. Spent the night tied up outside the 'Bells of Ouseley' pub. The owner of M/V 'Artemis' helped us to moor up, which was kind of him.

Some National Trust money had obviously been well spent at Runnymede, because there were several nice new narrowboat length pilings to tie up on, if we so wished. But after our long unbroken run of free mooring spots, we were feeling too tight to pay for anywhere, and pressed onwards.

Today was a similar story. Cruised ourselves up to Windsor & Eton in the pouring rain. Again, with looks of sympathy from canopied cruisers, and narrowboat owners ensconced within the dryness of their pram hoods. But we loved every minute of it.

Currently tied up on the Windsor leisure island, with our first fire of the summer. Still heaving it down. But now we're warm & toasty inside.


  1. hi, ken & sheena you seem to be having great fun keep it up love the blog sumo seems to be having the time of his life too long may it continue. dad & lesleyann.

  2. Welcome to Windsor! I live in Old Windsor (near the Bells of Ouseley) and had a narrowboat for many many years... there's nothing quite like braving the tiller in the rain, with a mug of coffee, watching the cocooned folk in their jellymoulds - makes it different to being at home! Enjoy your holiday!

  3. Hi Dad. We've been lucky with the weather, i think. Not seen a significant or dangerous flow for months, so our little engine hasn't had to struggle at all.

    Hi Dave. Welcome to you.

    It always struck me as odd, when we went to Devon beaches, that people would drive there, and sit in their cars. Viewing the spectacle and grandeur of nature, from behind their windscreen. Always preferred to be out there, and in amongst it, myself.

    Next time we're down in Windsor or Bells of Ouseley way, if you see us, please do give us a knock, and pop in for a cup of tea. Regards..