Wednesday, 10 August 2011


Overgrown Mooring spotI was searching for references to the mooring spots at "Lady Lindsay's Lawn" (stuffed solid with huge GRP cruisers when we passed it), and came across this...

As regards bank maintenance by Riparian Owners. The costs here are horrific, you think boating is costly then get a quote for 10 yards of bank restoration. PLUS to restore a bank requires permission from the EA with all the paperwork that entails. Yes! you can repair bank but if it's eaten away and has to be rebuilt, back filled etc. etc. Then it's a jobsworth happy day. You cannot take dredgings and put them on your land, they have to be taken away to a designated area. It's all a nightmare and easier to let it rot. I know I am tempted to do so every time I have to fork our hundreds of squids to fix something.

Makes sense. Next time I grumble about a designated mooring spot being overgrown and unusable, I will try and remember this.

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