Thursday, 4 August 2011

Temple Weir

We've travelled 12.75 miles today, and done 5 locks.
Shiplake, Marsh, Hambledon, Hurley and Temple.

Hireboat stuck in lockOops. Hambledon lock strikes again. A hireboat got caught on the edge as the water was being let out. A prompt refilling by the lock keeper averted the disaster. While this was going on, downstream, a widebeam ran foul of the weir, and got pulled off of the layby, into the bushes.

Our journey was fine though. We got rained on a couple of times, but nothing that dampened our spirits. After the baking heat of the last couple of days, it was nice to be out cruising in a breeze. The bad weather also limited posing opportunities for the big 250K plastics. They were all tucked safely on their marina berths, and empty.

While I was turning us around this evening, a hireboat coming upstream whizzed in, and plonked themselves right in the middle of the public moorings. If I'd been selfish, I could have turned round in front of them, and made them wait. But I'm not that much of a git.

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