Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Lady Lindsay's Lawn

Cruised ourselves up to Shepperton, where we were lucky enough to find a narrowboat length mooring spot at Lady Lindsay's Lawn, tucked up behind the mass of cruisers...

Lady Lindsay's LawnSumo helped himself to blackberries direct from the bush, and we met up with Lisa, the lady who sold us our boat. At first, I thought she'd come out to inspect the back end of her boat, and make sure we didn't bump into it while mooring. Which is what most cruisers owners do. They pop out suddenly, like the shopkeeper in "Mr Benn".

As if by magic..But when she started waving, we recognised her. Apparently she'd spotted us further on downstream, and wondered if we were the same boat she'd sold in 2009. Nice to catch up on gossip, and the towpath telegraph from this end of the river.

On the lawnThis place is such a popular spot, because it's owned by the local council, who can't be bothered to collect any mooring fees, or move people on. Surprising, really. Given these cash strapped times.

Summer FruitsNot that we are complaining. When we step off the boat, we have our own little garden, and as many fresh blackberries as we can eat.

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