Monday, 1 August 2011

Big Bully

On our way down to Reading from Beale Park, we were bullied by the 'Caversham Princess'. Her skipper attempted to turn across our bow, after giving an incorrect sound signal of four long blasts, followed by three short ones.

It became obvious that he was "turning around to the left" when his vessel started coming straight for us, at a rapid rate of knots.

Once we'd seen him start to turn, we floored it. Not enough time for us to stop, and/or reverse. We found out that dogma can really shift, when we need her to.

10-20 seconds of maintaining his course, and we would have been comfortably downstream, out of his way. That would have been the safe thing to have done. But, no, he wanted to play the "I am a working boat, get out of my way" card. Down below Reading bridge, he did exactly the same thing to another narrowboat (which was coming upstream). Again, with an incorrect sound signal.

For what? Why did he turn himself around in such a hurry?
So that he could tie up at a Restaurant.

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