Saturday, 3 July 2010


Sorry for the lack of updates recently. Our dongle reception has gone from being rock solid, to severely patchy. And, most annoyingly, it always seems to drop out right in the middle of an online purchase.


  1. Hmm, when I got my iphone with orange it came with a BT Openzone code, dont know if you ever got one of these codes, but, heh, there are BT openzones all over the place, although I have never actually managed to connect that way.
    More pants..

  2. Cheers Webby. '3' Service has been appalling recently. I read online that it's because they've oversubscribed their network. Too greedy. Will be purchasing a different PAYG modem as soon as opportunity presents itself.

  3. Get your "dongle" outside. I take mine up through the mushroom and attach it to a short length of broom handle, it is then covered by an upturned plastic milk bottle. Inside the cratch is another good spot.

  4. Hi Brian and Diana. Thanks, I'll buy a longer cable and give it a go. Definitely worth a punt. Nothing's changed at my end though. I used to be able to get a 5 bar, rock solid signal from inside the boat. Now during the day, and especially at peak times, i'm lucky if it keep the connection alive for more than a minute or two. 02:53 in the morning, and it's quite usable.

    I do like the idea of sticking a broom handle through a mushroom vent though. Well high tech.