Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Bucks Ducks

Lauren Jonothan Grace Rachel Alice
Our good friends Jonothan and Rachel were able to drop in, enroute to Wales and the Lake district. We didn't want to endanger them and their whole family by venturing out onto the river without an anchor, so we spent a nice sunny couple of hours just catching up, and feeding the ducks & geese.

Sumo got a lot of firstclass fuss from the girls, which he enjoyed very much. Then he climbed into the driving seat of the car to stop them driving away. This is the impressive list of foodstuffs we dispatched overboard..

1x Baguette Roll
6x Doughnuts
1x Box of Breadsticks
6x Sausage Rolls
6x Pain au Chocalat
6x Crossaints

Nice to see you Jonothan and Rachel.
Big wags from all of us.

Anarchist in the UK


  1. It was lovely to see you guys. That list is filling me with first world guilt.

    We made it to Leeds - I'm beginning to think we won't make it to the Lakes, but the agenda for the next couple weeks is pretty dense. We should be hitting Eureka (awesome kids' science museum) and the JORVIC museum (Vikings!) next week, at the very least.

    Wales was all about the desserts, I am now morbidly obese.

    Good luck getting underway soon! We're looking forward to some vicarious tranquility.


  2. no worries. it was cheap for a memory that will last a lifetime, mate. Sorry i tried to feed your kids sausage rolls. Long time since i gave up vegetarianism. :)