Tuesday, 20 July 2010

No Problem

No Problem ~ photo courtesy of Balmaha blogWent for a late walk with Sumo, because the sun had been too fierce during the day. Delighted to find Narrowboat 'No Problem' tucked up in the bushes. Vic and Sue's blog was inspirational reading, back before we sold the house. When we were wondering what it was like to be liveaboard boaters and continuous cruisers. It was lovely to spot them out in the wild. Noticed Meg and Lucy off in the distance, but didn't want to impose ourselves on such a beautiful evening.

On our way back, Sumo tugged us towards Lucy to say hello. So we introduced ourselves to Sue, who promptly invited us back onboard for a cup of tea and a nosey! Completely gobsmacked at the warm and friendly hospitality towards a pair of strangers, we negotiated their gangplank without falling in, and admired their comfortable and elevated steering position.

Onboard, Vic explained the arcane art of Sky TV attenuation, and Sue told us how to use a compass to align the dish with the satellite. we petted Meg and Lucy, who were gorgeous. Sumo stomped in their water bowl, but was otherwise very well behaved. He then made a beeline for Vic, who gave him lots of fuss.

In the couple of hours we chatted, they gave us loads of useful advice, ranging from mooring up with pins, to chainsaws, to crossbeds. With many and varied subjects in-between. We marvelled at their beautifully fitted out boat interior, compared to the 'shabby chic' of ours. Particularly worthy of "wow", was their dinette, washing machine, fully removable windows, and LED lighting setup.

Thanks Vic and Sue, for inspiring us to "just go for it" in the first place, and your wonderful hospitality when we did finally meet up. Hope all your travels are happy.

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