Friday, 30 July 2010

Cool in Dorset

View across fruit trees
Welcome to the new people following the blog.

Sorry there haven't been many travelling tales yet. But, as you can see, getting ourselves shipshape has been a long old process. We've learned a lot, and met some really friendly, and interesting people along the way. No regrets. We're both still having fun. Which was our primary goal.

We're all currently down in Dorset, taking care of 4 months of washing, while Sheena has her teeth fixed. The gearbox has been overhauled (at eye watering cost) by the experts at 'TW marine', and should be waiting for us when we return.

TW marine were knowledgeable and very experienced. I'd recommend their services to anyone with a Bukh. From them, we discovered that Coles Morton stopped making boats in 1981. So there's no way ours can be from 1985. Coles Morton also made boats for other hire companies, so 'dogma' has had an interesting and varied past. Which is backed up by the different paintjobs we uncovered while resurfacing the roof.

Being in a house, deep in the country, is very nice. With it's beautiful scenery, bath, mains water, and all. But now the engine is sorted, we're both looking forward to getting back up there and using it again.

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