Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Golden Quay

Met my first floating asshole tonight. "This is a public mooring, and I am going to breast up here overnight", said the owner of "The Golden Quay", as he blocked out the view from the saloon, and knackered the TV reception. He then proceeded to offload his wife and two whining children, by stomping all over our rear deck. He might be right, maybe it is a public mooring. But the way he talked, and treated our boat like a jetty made me want to punch him.

Sheena says I should untie him during the night.

It's tempting.

But then I'd be an asshole too.

It turned out that Mr Golden Quay already has a name for being 'a rude and arrogant man'. We're not on a public mooring here. And the next time he behaves obnoxiously, I can tell him to moor elsewhere.


  1. A friend pointed me to this post.

    Last weekend at the Henley Festival, he called us a 'twat' for not being at the helm properly whilst he sped past (when we are dead slow past the music heading straight). He almost took a chunk out our wooden hull.

  2. haha... that's hilarious. sorry you've been subjected to him too, Sam. but thanks for letting us know. made us both laugh. Sheena says we should write an update on the update.