Sunday, 30 May 2010

Duck Egg

Whooop... Whooop..

Got up early, because it was a beautiful morning.

Cleared the clutter off the roof in preperation for painting it, and discovered a duck egg next to the UFO vent. So that's what those ducks were doing up there last night.

Slapped more light blue everywhere, so it would have a good chance of drying properly before Mister Pillock got his sander out. The man's a walking disaster area, and can't even climb two steps up a ladder without there being an 'incident' of some description.

Steam Launch Achilles
The steam launch was ferrying passengers up and down the thames all day. It's steam whistle freaked Sumo out at first, but he's used to it now, and doesn't bat an eyelid. Nice gig for musicians, as they get to sit on the rear deck, amusing the passengers with light oldschool river type jazz tunes.

blue blue electric blue


  1. well ken and sheena, seems like your getting the hang of things are you enjoying it all? dad

  2. hi dad. yes, we're still enjoying it very much. the river is bigger, wider, and deeper than we were expecting. but we figure if we can cruise on the river, canals won't be so scary when we come to tackle them.