Saturday, 15 May 2010

Young Ones

We didn't get to stay very long at Estoban's nice mooring, because he whinged a lot about being moored up in a boatyard. Perfect place to get some work done, you'd think. But he wasn't very happy about it, so we got tugged back to the duck feeding area.

chuck me!The Merlotcute cygnetscute ducklings
Steve finally got round to fixing our engine, exhaust and sink taps. The boat's electrical system is 100% sorted, and the weather changed dramatically, for the better.

strange sunset lightingstrange sunset lighting
It was great to see Allan & Debbie from narrowboat 'Keeping Up' cruising by, one sunny morning. Their red and black colour scheme is very striking & distinctive.
They were escorting one of their friends up the Thames. And it made me happy to be able to give them a friendly wave as they passed, to thank them for their helpful advice about changing our gas bottles safely.

Keeping Up

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