Friday, 21 May 2010


"Aim for that Swan."

Filled up the tank with Diesel. Declared it as 20% propulsion, and 80% heating. So 130 litres cost us £120. Peter, from the 'Big Baloo' kindly accompanied us on our first river cruise. Dogma behaved really well, and was very responsive to the tiller movements. Even though the wind and current was pulling her about a bit. We didn't crash into anything, or run aground. Quite proud of ourselves. It was a baking hot day, and it was nice to have a slight breeze from the forward movement.

Sheena steering downstreamKen steering upstreamTo Marlow!
Pulled off a nifty bit of maneuvering, and reversed back into our mooring. Glided in gracefully, and didn't ram the jetty, in front of a pub packed full of boozed up witnesses. Well chuffed.

buffed up navlights
These are going back outside tomorrow. They were caked with years of grime, and took a fair old bit of buffing. Made some new cork gaskets for them, too. Sorted.

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