Friday, 20 November 2009

A whole lot of Chintz

We must have looked at a couple of thousand narrowboats in our search for a new home. but none of them had the feeling of interior space that we wanted. There was either too much dark wood (which the sellers wanted an obscene amount of money for), too much light wood (which the sellers wanted an obscene amount of money for) or an overabundance of small/tiny compartments the seller had knocked up themselves. Any of this would have led to a claustrophic submarine type feeling, and eventual cabin fever.

We did spot a couple of boats we liked, but they vanished off of the market before we were in a position to put in a credible offer on them. And some sellers couldn't even be bothered to respond to our emails. It was very frustrating.

What first attracted us to this boat in particular, is the fact that it is minimalist, light, uncluttered and airy in design. There are large windows. But not so many of them, that'd we'd feel like we were living inside of a goldfish bowl with people able to gawp in at us all the time. It's inevitable that the canals will be much busier than the rivers. But we think this boat strikes a good balance between sanity and privacy.

sheena says kitchen, i say galley

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