Sunday, 15 November 2009

Rogue Herries

Uncle Millican
Our little journey into the unknown is inspired by, and in memory of :- Millican Dalton, Oliver Dalton, and Nicholas Dalton. If we can dare to experience 1/1000000th of the freedoms, adventure and excitements they enjoyed, we will be very happy indeed.

So small is the extent of this country that the sweep of the Eagle's wing caresses all of it, but there is no ground in the world more mysterious, no land at once so bare in its nakedness and so rich in its luxury, so warm with sun and so cold in pitiless rain, so gentle and pastoral, so wild and lonely; with sea and lake and river there is always the sound of running water, and its strong people have their feet in the soil and are independent of all men.

Rogue Herries ~ Hugh Walpole
complete book

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