Friday, 13 November 2009


the jurassic coast
Staying near Lyme Regis. Walking a lot with Sumo. Trying to get used to being out in the cold weather a bit more, and gradually familiarising ourselves with sloshing about in brown mud (it's red in Devon). Varying combinations of wet weather gear and hats. It has chucked it down with rain recently. Sumo likes the ocean, and the waves crashing on the beach. but the undertow is too ruthless to let him to swim in it here. Big pebbles too, which are nasty on the feet.

Lots of signs with "Private Land ~ Keep off" written on them.

Rambling around on the local footpaths, it's a shame to see that some of them have been fenced off to within an inch of their lives. and others have been neglected to the point that they're barely usable anymore. Out on one walk, we had to tunnel through some dense brambles and gorse, only to discover that a horse farm had annexed the path. Lifting 32kg of Sumo back over the blocked off stile wasn't easy. Thankfully, he didn't squirm about too much.

I don't suppose many people ramble around down here.
And the local council are short of funds.
etc... etc..

But down in the town where the tourists go, everything is manicured neat. Without somebody tackling the new growth regularly, I think many of these beautiful public walks will eventually dissapear. Which would be a great shame.

where's the beach?

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