Sunday, 1 November 2009


annoying pampus grass

It wasn't the Devon of our youth anymore.

It was becoming too rundown, too expensive, too petty and too bitter. And there were too many cars. We were both fed up of small town politics, and of heroin addicts stealing from the charity shop where Sheena worked. the nature and wildlife around us was great, yes. our proximity to the sea and a dozen beaches, wonderful. but the neighbours cats constantly dumped in our garden, and there were too many stairs for Sumo to climb. it was time to move on. We had some great times in Torbay, and some not so great times. it was sad to leave some of our friends behind. but other people we were glad to see the back of. Sumo got attacked by unruly dogs twice in one week, and we were then 100% certain we'd made the right choice.

sunny aspect

There is only one canal in Devon, and it's 13 miles long. A ship canal, on a tidal estuary. Some people do live on it, apparently. And no doubt it is idyllic and tranquil. but we want and need to explore a bit more of the network than that.

goodrington cliff walk

Eventually sold our house to a nice couple, full of youth and enthusiasm. We hope they'll both be very happy there. Took a year to sell it, due to the slump in the housing market. Several times we thought we'd die of stress. We came soooo close on one occasion, only for it all to fall through, with us having to return to square one again. Think we had about 50 viewings in all, and only two firm offers. Which translates to a large waste of our time, and a lot of un-necessary duster wielding. Quite an emotional rollercoaster ride, which we're both glad is over.

garden flowers

When packing time came around, the removals company were very friendly, helpful and professional. Which made the process a whole lot smoother. They didn't grumble at the fact we lived at the top of a steep hill, and they provided a fantastic selection of boxes to put all of our stuff into. the first time we've ever been excited about cardboard before.

the showhouse

The transition from "home" to "house for sale" was not so bad, because there were 1001 things to do and organise. The utility companies were highly sceptical that somebody would not want reconnecting in their new home. but we managed it. When we closed the front door for the last time, and handed in the keys at the estate agents, there was no sense of regret. it all felt good and proper, like the right thing for us to be doing.

Next thing we know, we are huddled around a laptop, looking at boats for sale.

We'll miss Devon, the South hams, and Torbay.
But we can't be in two places at once.


torbay sunset

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