Sunday, 30 January 2011


Blessed with what I wished for. A sunny day, blue sky, with warm temperatures. Even though I was up all night working on tunes for our new project, I took the boat out for a leisurely solo cruise up to Wooton's Boatyard, and back again. The boating part was no problem. A couple of other boats on the river, but nothing to worry about. Had to break out the sunglasses, because the glare was so fierce. But, it was the 'coming alongside' that I wanted to practice most. That went well, too. Peter ('Big Baloo') was on hand to help me moor up, but if he hadn't been there, we would still have been fine.

Enjoyed a couple of pints in the Bounty by way of a celebration. Met a bloke called Steve, who used to be a NAAFI man for the Royal Navy. Had a good chat about Chocolate, Fag rations, and Chinese laundrymen chasing nonpaying ratings around the flight deck with a cleaver.

Sumo behaved himself offlead for the most part. Apart from weeing on the gas fire. Thankfully, everybody took it in good spirits. There were at least a dozen dogs in there, but none of them kicked off. Which is good for his confidence.

Now playing "March down a Babylon" by Prince Douglas, while the stove heats up, and I prepare the evening meal of pork chops, jersey potatoes and sweetcorn. Loving the boating life. Only regret is that Sheena wasn't here too, to share in the joy.

Tomorrow it may well be crappy again.
But today, was really good.

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