Sunday, 23 January 2011

Bed Hog

Woman: "I do like to see them with their tails."
Me: "Err... he's a labrador, not a rottweiler."

Mornin SuzeWoke up this morning, to discover that mister had shoved me under the gunwhales again, and was basking himself in the sunny spot. Soon as I moved, he steamed in and hogged the pillows. We went for a long wet and very muddy walk in the afternoon. Now he's soaked the sofa thoroughly, he's decided to do the same thing to the king seat.

Tried to start the engine up when we got back, so that the alternator could put 12.88v into the battery. But no joy. I've bunged the 5a charger back on tonight, so that we'll have some overhead lights, and will give it another go, tomorrow.

Sheena's still down in Devon, looking after her mum, who is unwell. We both miss her. But with red board "no navigation" warnings still in place up and down the river, nobody will be going anywhere until the speed of flow decreases.


  1. We have a black Lab with no tail, he is over 13 years old now and a couple of years back caught the end of it in the front door of the boat going up to Letchlade.
    Sorry you are still having battery problems, don't hake them to low or you will shorten their lives and you have not had them long, get them fully charged ASAP

  2. Ouch. Sumo once got his caught in the toilet block door. He's very careful where he wags
    it now, and scoots himself inside well before the door closes. I've never seen a lab without a tail, myself. But I'll take your word for it, that it does happen.

    OUr leisures are still in Steve's garage. Looks like they're knackered completely. Everything 12v is running from one starter battery, which is the same situation as when we bought the boat. Waiting for the final verdict to come from Mastervolt, because everybody wants us to prove it was their fault before they will stump up.

    If/When we do get a new set, i'll make sure they're fitted and charged up, ASAP. We have
    a slight list without their weight counterbalancing. I think that's the most annoying aspect of the whole situation.

  3. I have put a photo of Magic minus tail on my blog at
    It was only the very end that was damaged but our vet said he could do a better job making the tail short so there was a lot of flesh at the end. that way it would heal better and I think he was right.


    aww, bless. Looks like he's still sniffing and tugging like a goodun though. Give him lots of fuss, from us.