Tuesday, 18 January 2011


Sheena asked me "So, what have you been doing?".

For the last 10 days (when i've not been dodging deluges), i've been rubbing Danish oil into the floorboards. It was a tough choice. Steve and Peter both recommended a 2 pack epoxy coating. Browsing online, there were also 1001 other modern floor treatments, with all sorts of shine and finish. But the canalboat forum regulars said that if it wears out in the high traffic areas, the whole lot has to be sanded back to make repairs. It was hard enough getting it back to bare wood the first time around, and I don't want to have to do it again. So I opted to go for the 'traditional' hardwearing and waterproof finish.

Apparently, it might take 12 coats before a nice shine occurs. I've done 7, so far. And I think it's looking pretty good for an amateur effort. Sheena was concerned that it might be too dark, and make the boat look gloomy. But it's buffed up to a nice cheery cherry colour. Mister's muddy feet, condensation, and the occasional spillage are all easily dealt with. And it sweeps down nicely, too. So I think I made the right choice.

Just 5 more coats to go...

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