Tuesday, 18 January 2011


Like everything else on airstrip one, the boat licence has gone up this year. From £888 to £944. Nudging it up into the obscene levels of council tax extortion. Thankfully, my xmas recording royalties covered it. So, now we're 100% legal for another year. A whole 365 days, free from worry. I'm very grateful to the people who bought a Black Dog record. The peace of mind this simple piece of paper brings, is enormous.



  1. No worries Ken, you deserve it! Just wish your royalties could go towards something more exciting than "rent"! Enjoy the next year and I'm really looking forward to the PWOG collaboration!

  2. OK I Googled Black Dog records and got loads of hits, which one are you?

  3. @Brian & Diana We're this one..



    Hi Gregg. I see what you're saying. It's a shame it all went to "the man". Yes, it would
    have been nice to have spent it on a new laptop. But, without a licence, we can't travel
    through locks. Well, we could, but we'd have to sneak around after dark in a furtive manner. or stay cruising on the same 4 mile stretch, and try not to pop up on anybody's radar. People do it. But, we'd be constantly looking over our shoulders, worrying. and that's not a challenge I'd enjoy.

    I haven't been able to "live" off of royalties for many years now. But it seems that when we do get clobbered with a massive bill, they are there to cushion the impact and pain. They're making a substantial contribution towards our "quality of life". And for that, i'm really grateful. Being legal for another year, gives me the space to concentrate on new projects. With so much internet piracy today, it also gives a cosy glow to know that there are still human beings out there.