Thursday, 15 April 2010

Sunny Spring Day

Another beautiful day, with full on sunshine.

Job 1 - Disassembled the Thermostat housing. New gaskets are being made in Reading. Ordered two sets, in case the job ever needs doing again.

disassembled thermostat housing
Job 2 - Removed bow storage lockers and rusty gunk from underneath. Wirebrushed, rust-killed and undercoated with red oxide.

all gone rust
Job 3 - Drilled 3 small holes in Pumpout rinse valve. This is to let the fresh air in, and allow nasty whiffs to escape, without stinking out the boat.

for ventilation
It was too hot for Sumo to be out in the day, so I took him for a nice splash in the river, after everybody else had gone home.

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