Sunday, 18 April 2010


Somebody left a free pair of sunglasses on the cruiser stern. Presume it was the same person who tapped on the roof at 2am, causing Sumo to give them 7 woofs. (bark protectively).

free shades
The marina was heaving with people again, so we walked up the hill across the river. I found a rope swing, and had good fun swinging about for 5 minutes. Before Sumo decided he'd attach himself to the rope, and dangle bodily from the knot. Game Over.

posh rope swingA few flings of chuckie ring later, and we finally attained the summit. He behaved really well. No running off out of sight, and no rolling in miscellaneous poo.

top of the hillno planes againOn the way back, he had a good old dunk in the river, and now he's knackered. Convivial early evening chit-chat and birdsong fills the air.

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