Saturday, 17 April 2010

Hot Dogs

Another beautifully sunny aeroplane free day.

The bounty pub was full. The river was full. The marina was full. Everybody was out buffing up their boats, and showing off their 100K landrovers. Saw about a dozen narrowboats go downstream, but none came back up. And somebody fell in from a dinghy while messing about.

knackered shower pump
Tried to investigate the shower pump, but was only able to ascertain that it pops 15 amp fuses as soon as it's turned on. My not-so-professional opinion is that it's knackered. Oh well, at least we can get to it for disassembly now.

hot dog
Sumo was hot, so I took him for a splash about up near the swans, and the marsh that has dried out. Mr 'dissapointing ice' was there. But everyone else had stopped for tea & pimms by then, so it was remarkably peaceful after the mad boat parade of earlier on in the day.

opposite the cabbage fieldlooking downstream ~ not a plane in the sky
No flights to/from the UK until Monday.
More sunny weather is forecast.

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