Sunday, 25 April 2010


The big urinalWe all took the 'Virgin Cross Country' train up to Sheffield. Via Oxford, so we wouldn't have to change at Birmingham. Pete the guard (sorry, train manager) made everybody's life as miserable as he possibly could. We arrived quite stressed out. Even though some kind gentleman who was travelling up from Derby gave Sumo a sausage. Went for an early evening stroll to unwind, and a nice bloke called Clark tried to sell us some beers.

Sumo likes Sheffieldnice coffeeMoon over Car park
We enjoyed a fine lunch with Martin and Richard in the sunshine. I had the calimari, Sheena abstained, and the guys had pizza. In the afternoon, we soundchecked and had a practise run.

The inaugural MFRA gig went really well. Richard H. Kirk delivered a great DJ set. Nobody got bored or walked out during the screening. And the audience applauded very loudly at the end. Afterwards, we all got incredibly drunk at the novotel bar, and I laughed so much it made my skull hurt.

Pete, the fascist guard wasn't on our return train. So we had a much more relaxing journey on the way home. Played 'spot the canal/boat' and the time went pretty quickly.

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