Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Back on Boat

Dawn at Bourne End
Threw open the bow doors and was greeted by this beautiful dawn. Considered myself very lucky to be witnessing this moment in time. Thanked the ancestors who'd enabled me to experience this level of peace and tranquility. Then the ducks and geese stopped their honking, and we all watched the sun rise.

Plan was to spend a few more days on the boat with Sumo, to see how he'd get on with his new boaty routine. Outside temperature dropped to -3 most nights, but inside, we were roasty and warm. Tucked up in bed, I was slightly suprised to notice ice on the inside of the windows. but we didn't feel cold. And the water (when it melted), ran out of the ventilation channels, rather than dripping down onto the floorboards.

The pontoon was a bit white and crunchy in the evenings, but because it hadn't rained, it wasn't dangerous and slippery. We did have one slightly scary moment when Sumo tugged me towards a prawn that a seagull had dropped, but otherwise he behaved himself very well. Until we got onto land, where he resumed the "tugging beast" routine again.

The hose and water tap froze, but we got by with bottled water (which i'd filled up during the day). There were a couple of days when the temperature didn't rise much, and the hose didn't unfreeze at all, but we managed fine. The ice crystals soon melted with the cabin temperature.

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