Thursday, 21 January 2010

Proximity of Water

out of the window
Sheena took this picture to remind herself that the water is very close to the window.

Thursday morning was beautiful. We were blessed with full on sunshine, and a warm daytime temperature. The water ripples cast reflections off of the cabin roof interior, and we were both very happy. Later, it heaved it down with rain again. But it was nice for us to experience what boating in the sunshine might feel like. Great.

In the evening, we enjoyed some good honest pub food at 'The Firefly'. I had the homemade steak and kidney pie (mash and two vegs). Sheena had the sausage and mash (with onions and peas). Waddled back to the boat, and chilled out to tunes with the stove on. Sumo did not attack the pub cat (and vice versa). Considered the evening a great success.

Friday, we had to pack up and travel back to Dorset for the weekend. So we also got to experience what hireboaters feel, when they've finished their holiday. Thankfully, we will be coming back.. the boat is our home.

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