Monday, 18 January 2010

First visit of 2010

Bourne End Twilight

Arrived at Bourne End, and was surprised at how swollen the river was. The boats nearer the concrete and buildings were in danger of floating out over the car park. But as dogma is moored on a floating pontoon (which rises and sinks with the water level), we were comparitively safe.

Jumped onboard at Twilight (or 'The crack between the worlds' as Carlos Castenada called it), and lit the Stove to warm everything up. Was delighted to find that nothing had burst, broken or leaked from the snow and ice. But not so delighted to find that the starter battery was as flat as a pancake, and the previous owner had wired the lighting circuit into it. Doh! No Engine. No Power. No Lights. It was looking like a very grim night. But the marina rustled up 54ft of extension cable (in the dark), and hooked us up to shorepower (thankyou!!). It feels like we are cheating while connected to land via an umbilical cord. But we now have a fully functional kettle, and it's all very civilised onboard.

Sumo took to it like he'd lived on a boat forever, and soon found the sofa. He also quickly located the fridge and largest heat source, which he hogged all evening.

hot dog
Spent a five star evening listening to Classic FM, and drank numerous cups of coffee. The cheap windup solar powered radio was the best investment, ever. Dropped it in the sink, it bounced. And still works. Boat was completely toasty by the time we went to bed. Had a restful and peaceful night.

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