Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Bad Pasty

bourne end has everything
Sheena arrived in the rain. But then it stopped. boat was nice and warm for her arrival. We drank lots of tea and coffee, polished off the melton mowbrays, and went for a potter around town. We later dined on battered sausage, chips, curry sauce, and the nastiest tasting, most foul smelling cornish pasty i've ever had the misfortune to order.

It was 'wrong', on so many levels.

So please, I beg you.. If you're ever in Bourne End, Bucks. And you feel the need/urge for a cornish pasty. Please don't get them from 'Smiles' chip shop. They suck. Everything else from there is fine. very nice. recommended. but steer well clear of their pasties!

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