Monday, 2 March 2015

Are you staying on the boat?

A fair few people have expressed their surprise that we will be continuing to live on our (scuffty old) narrowboat, rather than scuttle off back to the comfort of bricks and mortar, now that we have the opportunity. I guess they've never experienced the tranquility and peace of mind that living on a boat brings. I, personally, love being able to sit down in front of our woodburner in the evenings, comforted by the realisation that we don't owe anybody anything. Also, being able to move our home, so that the view out of our windows changes and never gets boring.

I'm not saying that boating is "free". It has it's own share of scarily large bills, and things that need to be paid regularly. But we do manage to avoid "paying out large sums to corporations every quarter" that was the cause of so much stress and ill health, when we were land based. I suppose I should be thankful people think living on a boat is mostly cold, damp and hard work.

Sumo's doggy friend ~ "Archie"

Reminds us of his dad "Barley"

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