Monday, 16 March 2015

Facing the Future

Thankyou to everyone who has left a comment. It's comforting to know that he's touched so many people. It still feels so unreal. So quick. I'm waking up in tears, having to tell myself that "He's gone", and "He's not coming back". I hope this phase of grief passes soon, as it is so very painful.

Yesterday, we retraced some of his favourite local walks. It was sad not to be carrying a lead, or feeling him tug me. But it was healing. On top of winter hill, with a view of the river that hasn't changed in 3500 years, it helped me to put things into a better perspective. Nothing lasts forever.

I hope that in time, the trauma of losing him, will be replaced with the happy memories of the many things we did together. A big consolation for us, is that he had a bloody good life, with people who loved him to bits. And he got to enjoy a wide variety of new and interesting sniffs every day. He made everybody who saw him smile with his infectious happiness and his comical bumbling about. He really loved his life.

Run free, mate. Run free.


  1. Ken and Sheena,
    I have only just caught up with this - how terribly sad. We lost our dog 12 months ago and you always remember them - as you should.
    It was strange when we first cruised without him and we still miss his ways, but life does go on and you always know that he is still there beside you.
    diane and ray (nb Ferndale)

  2. Oh No!!!! Just caught up with your news, so sorry to hear about Sumo, such a shock, they take such a place in our lives and hearts. Try and remember all the good times you had, he had a great life with you guys! We were so lucky to have the pleasure of meeting Sumo and spending time with him at the Bounty we feel very privileged to have spent time with such a lovely dog. Enjoy your memories at this difficult time. Best Wishes Doug and James x