Friday, 27 February 2015

Sunny Disposition

Hi Everyone.

I feel a lot better for getting things off my chest yesterday. Thanks for listening. And my normal sunny disposition has now been resumed. Today, I bring to you a picture of boats in the sunshine...

Bourne End Marina
Considerably different from this time last year, when I was sloshing about in waders, and Sumo had to deploy his mountain rescue harness. People are out buffing their boats, painting their coachlines, and generally hoping that Spring is about to be Sprung. Let's hope so. Hoovering out the bilge every time it hammers it down, is getting a bit tedious.

In other news.... Congratulations to our good friend Graham Holden (and his wife Matilda) who have just had a baby son. They've called him Toby Millican Holden. Which references Sheena's uncle Millican Dalton, who instructed people how to climb mountains (while he lived in a cave in the lake district). Thanks for that, you two. It's great to know that the name and spirit lives on.


  1. Chill Ken chill! :D

  2. I try, Sue, I try.

    Fed up with people who love their country being labelled "far right", "nazis", "xenophobes", "racists" and "small minded bigots". Coming from a 'religion' that finds it acceptable to hate dogs + Jews + Pagans + Christians + Buddhists, destroy priceless historical artifacts, shoot people who draw cartoons, stone adulterers to death, throw homosexuals from tall buildings, treat their women folk like cattle, and blow up (or hack to death) anyone who doesn't agree with their Stone Age view of the world, I find it all a bit rich, really. Thank fuck there is mud on the towpath, and consequently, we rarely see them.

    I try really hard not to hate anyone. Even lefty twats who say nothing while all this bullcrap is going down. Just google 'Charlene Downes', and see how chill *you* can be...

    That said, right now, I have the stove glowing, my feet up, and I couldn't give a rats arse about bloody Islam. They will probably all end up killing each other off anyway. Pfft....

  3. Welcome back to The Thames!

    Being an ex-pat Cumbrian, I was very interested in the Millican Dalton link. That name is familiar to me from the Wainwright books. How apt that you are living close to nature as well - although perhaps not as close as he did!


  4. Hi Alistair. Thanks for your comment. He had a hut in Marlow woods too. But he somehow managed to burn that down. Always a laugh and an inspiration.