Wednesday, 30 July 2014


I'm famous, fuss me.
 We're at Bourne End for a couple of days, because Sumo is having a small lump removed. He's had it since he was two, but a few days ago, it got a bit red and inflamed. A needle aspiration test revealed Spindle Cells.

He's in surgery now.
We hope to have him back onboard around 18:00


  1. Hope everything went as expected and that Sumo is feeling better soon:)

  2. Thanks KevinTOO. Kind of you.

    The operation and anaesthesia went OK. he bravely wobbled back to the marina from the high street under his own steam.

    Though, unfortunately, the Vets removed the wrong lump. So we have to go back on monday, and do the whole thing again. They have offered to do it for free (because they messed up). but I am gutted to have to put him through it again.

  3. AnonymousJuly 31, 2014

    Oh poor Sumo. I should think they are doing it for free second time around! Not fair on him or you. Hope all goes well. Again.


  4. Hi Alistair. In fairness, the vetinary nurse and surgeon were horrified and upset when they realised what had transpired. It is unfortunate.but on the positive side, it is better than discovering the second lump ourselves later on. He seems to be healing well, and is in no obvious sign of discomfort. Things could be a lot worse. And I'm grateful Sheena is here so that we can deal with it together.