Monday, 7 July 2014

In the Shed

Like a typical visit to the Dentist, we have to go back next week, to get some more work done. Chris the surveyor did a thorough job, and was concerned about two patches on the baseplate that have been scraped down. Presumably, when she was a hireboat. The port side gas locker base also needs relining, because the "hammer test" put a hole in it.

*rolls eyes*

Green boat services (Sam & Jon) have kindly offered to juggle boats around to acommodate us. Apart from the unwelcome wallet spanking, the major downside of this, is that Salter's steamers don't allow people to live aboard, or carry out any work themselves. I have to abandon ship. Kindof gutted about that. But if we don't take action now, we'll not be able to get insurance next year; and there won't be any boating at all.

Some more photos and video...

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  1. I presume you and Mister have somewhere in mind to stay?

  2. Devon, Sue. Hopefully Sheena will be able to come back up with us. Gutting to have somebody else black the boat, but there are now 100+ bald metal spots that are in need of urgent attention.