Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Heading Downstream

At a rapid rate of knots!

The stream warnings are now almost gone, but the river is still quite lively.

Steve (SRB moorings) made us laugh at Henley (whilst he was relieving us of £8). He knew Sumo's name, and asked how "His number one fan on the river" was. He also said I was "a lovely chap, really". Which made us both chuckle. No hard feelings Steve. It's just that £8 is a little on the steep side, with no services on offer. Might not be a lot of money for a person with a £250,000 cruiser. But for us narrowboaters, it is.


My Good Self

Knackered after a Cliveden runaround

We're currently at Windsor. New signs have appeared, saying that they want £8 a night there too. Seems to be the standard price for much of the river. Bit sad about that, really. Though thankfully, we now know many bushes we can ram, and places to stay for free.

Too early to stop for the day, so we've grabbed supplies, and are off on our merry way again...


  1. We didn't see you so you must have been ahead of us, we stopped in Marlow last night. I try to avoid paying for moorings if I can. Marlow again tonight below the lock this time.

  2. Hi Brian. We're at Laleham now. Have they stopped charging at Marlow now? It was £11 to stop at the park side moorings last year.