Friday, 27 June 2014

Summer Holiday

Bimbling about

Laleham Park!



Molesey Lock

WW2 Thorneycroft Shed


Where people live


Big Ass trip boat

The beast of Cliveden


'Adventure Trail' ~ Cliveden Woods

Beetling about

Big Ass Lock

Cheap Essential Scenery

The Joy of Abingdon

Clogs and Hankies

Grrrrrrrrrr Posse

Prefers 'Soulfly'

Chillin & Sniffin

It's been a busy month, but an enjoyable one. I've had a little break from blogging while Sheena was here, so that we could concentrate on moving the boat, and squeezing the most out of our time together. We made it down to Hampton Court, and back up to Abingdon, without any drama at all. We were a bit slow (1.75mph) on the return journey through the wider reaches, but nothing that stressed us (or the engine) unduly.

I'm currently shuffling about upstream, waiting for a haul out and hull inspection in Oxford on July 7th. River conditions are good, which makes things a bit easier. The sunshine is great, too. More pictures of the Border Morris dancers, when Cris sends me them. The Clog stomping and Hanky waving stuff doesn't really do it for me. I can see the tradition, and the history there, but it is all a bit too quaint and parochial for my own taste. The mixed border troupe though, with their blacked up faces, were something else. It was good to catch up with friends from Bourne End, and see them in action. Enjoyed this solstice a lot.

Graham, we saw "Truly Scrumptious" advertised in Towpath Telegraph. They were asking 19K for her.


  1. Wow! 19K - hope they've done some work to her then for that price tag!

    I miss her!.

  2. found her!