Saturday, 31 May 2014

Good & Bad

The Good news... Sumo has finished his meds, and is back to his normal happy self again.

The Bad news... It heaved it down with rain (again), the river rose about a foot, and is now quite fast flowing. So, any further progress upstream has been abandoned this month, as our little 2 cylinder engine can't cope with the increased load. We've decided to ride the rapids downstream.

Which makes for an interesting cruising experience. Bounced off of the waterpoint at Cleeve Lock. *BONNNNNNNGGGGG* Slammed into the layby at Whitchurch lock. Thankfully, it's not just me. The currents are somewhat unpredictable, even though I've done this journey many times before. Always something new to learn, I guess.

But, otherwise, we are all fine.


  1. Great to hear Mister is up and back to normal Ken..

    You go careful down those rapids! xx

  2. Crazy currents, Sue. Surface doesn't seem to be moving that fast, but our bum end gets pushed around all over the place. Nearly took out the lock sign at Shiplake yesterday. The weirs are pretty fierce at the moment.