Sunday, 4 May 2014


Play the Tones!

King Seat

Quick Snack

Goodbye Abingdon
Moved down to Days lock, before I'd used up my 5 days. It wasn't busy on the meadows, I could have overstayed. But I don't want us to become over familiar and get a bad name for never moving.

Cruising station

The "bubs of Berkshire"
Managed to get a spot at the Days lock moorings. First time in 5 years! But I found out that was because it was very shallow there. The river went down a foot overnight, and when I woke up this morning, the boat had a 20 degree list on. Firmly wedged into the clay. Huffed and puffed with a bit of wood as a wedge, and we popped off. Nobody offered to help, and the (plastic) boat in front just buggered off without saying anything. Cheers for that!


The tickover cruise down to Wallingford was very nice. The sun was out, and the chilly wind (that had blighted previous sunny days) had vanished. Lots of other boats out enjoying the sunshine, too. But most of them seemed to be heading upstream.

Another sunken boat at Wallingford


  1. so sad to see that sunken boat. was my biggest worry - remember one time getting a call from the boat yard saying they thought my boat was sinking - freaked me right out!

  2. Hi Graham. the owner did look a bit worried. must be gutting to come back and see your boat like that. perils of leaving it unattended in bad weather, I guess. I'm glad to report that the story had a happy ending though. not back to normal, but at least she is floating again now.