Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Clifton Hampden

We've spent a couple of days chilling at the fishing holes of Wallingford, where Sumo gets the opportunity to run around the King's meadows (offlead, like an idiot). Saw our first Salter's steamers trip boat of the year. Actually, we felt it coming, long before we saw it. They tend to suck all the water out from under your keel, and you list over alarmingly. Which reminded us how busy the place can be in the summer.

We've had no trouble finding a mooring anywhere. I guess many of the 'people who don't travel very far' have had to move because of the floods. Or risk this...

Oh Dear
Spotted a couple of boats lifted out by the floodwaters on our travels upstream. In places where crane access looks unlikely too.

Upstream of Days Lock
Nice bit of sunshine, and not much of a flow to push against. But a nasty cold breeze, which felt like it had come straight from siberia, just to travel down my neck.

Church on the cliff
You can still spot bits of the 12th century original. But I am mostly moved to wonder what was there *before* they plonked a church on it. Inside, there is a medieval stained glass hunting scene. but the door was locked today.

Sgt. William Dykes - Grenadier Guards
Sergeant William Dykes fired the first shot at the battle of Waterloo, when his musket accidentally discharged. Sadly, his gravestone is badly weathered and barely legible.

Flight Lt. David Shannon DSO DFC RAAF
The final resting place for one of the Dambusters. Overgrown with weeds and daisies. It is a beautifully peaceful churchyard, though. We just heard birdsong when we were there.

Clifton Hampden bridge
Designed by Sir George Gilbert Scott, and still looking good. Allegedly from a sketch he first scribbled on his shirt cuff.

10 minutes after we'd put the pins in, and pottered off for a wander with Sumo, somebody took photos of our boat name, and registration number. I get the feeling a "No Mooring" sign will be appearing here soon. Which would be a shame.

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  1. That bloke probably has some signs already printed out from last summer that he used a bit further away!!