Thursday, 10 April 2014

Beale Park

Currently moored up at Beale park for a couple of "Do Nothing" days. We all like it up here. Glad to get the hell out of Reading town, because the 'Free Spirits' on the offside bank are running their noisy generators all night. With large arc lamps, so they can cultivate their outdoor garden (wearing head torches). I suggested they might be growing "organic carrots" over there, but Sheena says to not be so stupid.

There's also heroin dealing, going on down by the Kennet mouth. It never was a "nice" place to stop overnight. Now it is worse. Hardly surprising there were no other boats there. I am generally pretty much "live and let live", and will chat to anyone. but this place and it's "I don't give a fork about anybody else except for myself" attitude really got to me. Sonning reach was depressing, too. The no mooring signs are still there, and the whole place was deserted. Like the spirit had been ripped out.

Anyway.... 4 hours upstream.... and it's utterly quiet and beautiful. We have the place totally to ourselves, which is a complete and unexpected luxury. So sod 'em.


  1. I take it feel a lot better getting that off your chest? A happy birthday to Sumo from Fletcher who is now nine and half and Floyd who is eight an a half..
    Where do the years go?

    PS Is it worth telling someone about the behaviour of these 'neighbours from hell'?

  2. Hi Lesley.
    Sumo rolled in a dead frog and jumped in the river today. He's having a great time. I hope Fletcher is feeling better?

    A local boater friend told us about the dealing, so I presume the matter is in hand.

    I don't want to be "the grumpy old git", so I've edited the post slightly. But yeah, it did feel good to get it off the chest. Cheers... :)

  3. I see you use 'our' mooring at Beale Park!!

  4. HI Sue, only just spotted this comment... sorry. We love 'your' spot. it rivals Cliveden for it's
    beauty. and when there are no other boats around, it's sublime.