Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Something missing..

All gone bridge

After leaving it all loafing around the marina for a month, the bridge contractors decided that today was the day they were going to come and get their stuff back. Cheers guys! **

More spans were donated (thankyou Anthony and Patricia), and we managed to build a new bridge. Possibly better than the first bridge. But it entailed sloshing about in the cold water, with the river threatening to swamp the tops of our waders.

The water levels are much higher than last year. It's completely overwhelmed the local sewage system, which is now discharging directly into the river. It's started to trickle into the marina office, and it seems set to rise even higher tonight. Fast flowing too, with large tree trunks and telegraph poles in it.

A guilty looking Sumo
Scuffed up the bed, because he couldn't get off the boat.

** Post edited, because I hate moaning. Many people have problems far worse than my own at present. And I should just revel in the uniqueness of the situation and count myself lucky.

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