Monday, 6 January 2014

New Bridge

Approved by Sumo
Scavenged some planks and ladders left behind by the bridge maintainence crew. Received big wags from the beast, when he discovered that he can now get ashore without getting his belly wet. Thanks for your kind help, Matt and Richie.



  1. Hope All is Well Ken! Thomas (Matilda's Brother) told me a couple of his friends boats broke free up at Eynsham. Keep safe.

  2. Hi Graham. Does Thomas still have his boat? I thought he'd sold it and moved out of the area? We'd love to meet up next time we're up that way. Please pass on our regards. Hope you have a happy year mate. Woof...

  3. He's renting his boat out at the moment, as he lives back down here.

    have a good new years yourself! :)

  4. Good old Matt Richie. Always a resourceful striker. Swindon should never have sold him to Bournemouth!